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Vuetify on vuejs 3

Hey , I am doing a big project in vuejs 3 and I need the vuetify for the vuejs calendar but I see it does not support vuejs3 yet.. do I need to downgrade all my vuejs to vue 2? Is there a way to combine vuejs 2 in vuejs 3 project and migrate? Or […]

Top 10 PC Games with the Best Graphics

In this article, we dive into the top 10 PC games with the best graphics, celebrating the PC’s graphical capabilities. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Getting started with Minimal APIs in .Net 6

Intro This week Microsoft has released .Net 6, which is major mile stone. .Net 6 is an LTS release which means its support for the next 3 years. Part of this major release Asp.Net Core Minimal API where released. In this video we will take a look at Minimal API discuss what they are how […]

Job: Automotive and Transportation Champion (USA, China, Japan)

We are excited to announce an open position (possibly part-time) : Automotive & Transportation Champion, based in the USA or China, or Japan. This is an opportunity for a global leader to drive the overall strategy of applying open web standards to the automotive & transportation ecosystem. The Champion is a thought leader who has […]

Vue.js full free admin dashboard templates [closed]

I’m already searching a while for a good, free and open source vue.js template which is orientated on an admin dashboards. I really would like to have something with authentication (login, registration, public and auth pages configured in router), fully responsive, modern design, etc. All I find are templates to sell or free light-versions of […]

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