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Job: Automotive and Transportation Champion (USA, China, Japan)

We are excited to announce an open position (possibly part-time) : Automotive & Transportation Champion, based in the USA or China, or Japan. This is an opportunity for a global leader to drive the overall strategy of applying open web standards to the automotive & transportation ecosystem. The Champion is a thought leader who has […]

Vue.js full free admin dashboard templates [closed]

I’m already searching a while for a good, free and open source vue.js template which is orientated on an admin dashboards. I really would like to have something with authentication (login, registration, public and auth pages configured in router), fully responsive, modern design, etc. All I find are templates to sell or free light-versions of […]

How to align three columns to be starting at the same point at top?

In a WordPress page, I am trying to display three static columns of contents as seen in the image below. Tried to use padding and margin to create the structure, but can’t get it right it yet. I could only do as much as the image below shows with the HTML and the CSS that […]

Adding ‘input’ used to edit array object key in selected elements – Vue.js

i need to add an input field used to edit the title in the currently selected element component (selection was done by clicking). The problem is that there should be one input and work for each selected element. I couldn’t find a similar task and solving on the Internet. Maybe someone will tell you how […]

The MozFest 2022 Call for Volunteers is Open!

Volunteers are on the go at MozFest! Photo credit by Connor Ballard-Pateman. Alt: A MozFest participant quickly walks past a vinyl decal of the festival’s gear-shaped logo and name that has been stuck to the floor. Whether online or in-person, MozFest depends on its Volunteers to deliver the best possible experience for all of its […]

A Reality Where CSS and JavaScript Don’t Exist · Ugly Duck

submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

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