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Using Node.js to create an HTTP proxy for IPFS content

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to create a Node.js server to access IPFS content via the clearnet. Before we explain how to do this, let’s define the key terms and create some context for why this matters. What is the clearnet? The clearnet is essentially the publicly accessible internet. It refers to all web […]

Introducing Relational Database Connectors

At Cloudflare, we’re building the best compute platform in the world. We want to make it easy, seamless, and obvious to build your applications with us. But simply making the best compute platform is not enough — at the heart of your applications are the data they interact with. Cloudflare has multiple data storage solutions […]

Developer Spotlight: Winning a Game Jam with Jamstack and Durable Objects

Welcome to a new blog post series called Developer Spotlight. In this series we will be showcasing interesting applications built on top of the Cloudflare Workers Ecosystem. And to celebrate Durable Objects going GA, what better to kick off the series than with a really cool tech demo of Durable Objects called Full Tilt? Full […]

Making connections with TCP and Sockets for Workers

Today we are excited to announce that we are developing APIs and infrastructure to support more TCP, UDP, and QUIC-based protocols in Cloudflare Workers. Once released, these new capabilities will make it possible to use non-HTTP socket connections to and from a Worker or Durable Object as easily as one can use HTTP and WebSockets […]

Durable Objects — now Generally Available

Full Stack Week is all about how developers are embracing the power of Cloudflare’s network to build entire applications that are global by default. The promise of Workers isn’t just improved latency — it’s fundamentally different programming paradigms that make developer’s lives easier and applications more resilient. Last year, we announced Durable Objects — Cloudflare’s […]

How to test navigation with Jest and RTL

I am trying to test my app component and navigate through my application. I start at ‘/’ path and navigate through ‘/signin’ and then to ‘/installations’ path successfully. Then I want to check a third path which is ‘/dashboard/:installationId’ by clicking to a button and I got blocked in the ‘/installations’ page. I just repeated […]

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