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Solving Wordle in 3.64 Guesses on Average, 99.4% of the Time

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State of the Web: Bundlers & Build Tools

Ever since Browserify, bundlers have been extremely important in the web ecosystem. They provide the ability to automatically process code, which opens up opportunities for performance optimization and non-native languages. This article looks at the background of bundlers, why they are essential, and their current state. Background of Bundlers The Web Before Bundlers For a […]

Creating stars using JavaScript

I previously made a starry background using canvas. But we don’t need to use canvas at all. Since a lot of the canvas manipulation involves JavaScript, it shouldn’t be too hard to change it to only use JavaScript (and some CSS). HTML and CSS The body will be our sky that we add the stars […]

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Hi, everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to read my first ever blog post, ever. Shout-out to Fireship and his latest video for encouraging me to start documenting my journey as a self-taught developer. As the title of this post states, blogging is well outside comfort zone but I believe it is a necessary step […]

How to Host a Site With a Subdomain on GitHub Pages

Subdomain Background Have you ever noticed some websites,, or have extra text at the front? The first bit of all of these is called a subdomain. Subdomains are domains that are a part of other domain names. They can be helpful ways of organizing sites and are easier to remember for users. […]

The Design and Implementation of the Wolfram Language Compiler (2020) [pdf]

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