Openness at MozFest: Accountability, Open AI, and Open Data

Organizations you should look forward to hearing from

Several sessions accepted this year interrogate the data often used to train AI models and algorithms. These governance models shape these systems with sessions from the Wellcome Trust, Muckrock, MetaData 2020[1], The Wikimedia Foundation, and The Open Data Charter.

One session we accepted explores AI and multistakeholderism by Berlin-based Missions Publiques and its national strategic partners in Latin America, Africa, Europe, South, and Southeast Asia. “At a time when the Internet is becoming the backbone of our social interactions, the current pandemic reflected the urgency of this deliberative process. Our session will serve as an opportunity to empower civic engagement for a democratic multi-stakeholder and open internet,” affirms Raashi Saxena, a WEF Global Shaper and India-based project consultant.

The Openness Space features Facilitators from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, independent project leaders and representing grassroots, community-led, and established organizations spanning several time zones, Pacifist and Eastern Standard Time, as well as Coordinated Universal Time. The Space will also feature open walk-in booths for Wikimedians to highlight their project in the Wikimedia universe, exploring openness, credibility, and information reliability. You can also expect highlights and open conversations with the WikiCredibility Grant initiative community and Wikicred[2] project featured projects.

Secure your MozFest ticket today[3]! Find highlight sessions every day during MozFest on the @Mozillafestival Twitter account[4].

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February 9, 2021
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