Is Phoneum (PHT) Legit? for Cryptomining

CryptominingApp – Phoneum (PHT) Review and Crypto Analysis

PHT cloud earning or Phoneum is a very straight forward app with attractive app with a lot of functionality such as VIP Miners and as well as regular miners. And unlike other apps you have to click on PHT Cloud Earning app once a week. However hash rate or the speed of mining on this app is little low, but this app is cloud based and its not going to use any computational power from your phone except for little space for app. So, you can use this app, and hey you’re doing pretty much nothing, so if it brings some value in future so its worth mining. But I wouldn’t say this is a similar to Pi, but its free with legit details.

Phoneum is one of the new age mobile only crypto currencies that can be mined only from the mobile phone. The team behind Phoneum is building a community of users who would socialize the Phoneum coin, PHT as it is called. The Phoneum ecosystem has an app (available on iOS and Android) which can be used to mine the PHT coins, then several mobile games that keep users engaged and incentivize them to earn more coins.

How to mine Phoneum (PHT): –

For Mining of Phoneum (PHT) Coin, you will need its app, you should read this article carefully before downloading the application. We are saying this because you do not face any kind of problem after installing the application. If you will open a cloud application every 7 days and start cloud mining, then we get about 70 PTH coins every week. That is, we get 10 coins every day.

It is one of the easiest things to do. PHT mining is done on the cloud. So, on your phone, similar to the Pi app, you just have to open the app and click on mine. Unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoins etc, you dont need large infrastructures or big rigs to mine these tokens.

How to claim for extra reward: –

The reward you get from inviting does not depend on how many coins you will receive; it depends on whom you have invited. How many sessions does he complete? The person you invited completes two sessions, that is, 2 weeks of cloud mining, you will get 400+ PHT Coin Rewards, 5 weeks of Mining Sessions will be available for 1000+ PHT Coin Rewards, and After completing the 10-week mining session, 2000+ PHT Coin Rewards will be available. After this, you will not get any more coins.

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How much Phoneum is available in market: –

There is a total of 2 Billion PHT coins in supply. Of this in a given 24hour period, only about a million coins are traded, indicating low liquidity. As of now, the crypto is extensively traded only on the Probit exchange.

Once you have hit mine, the app mines for a total of 7 days and then stops. Then, you need to log in again to make it mine again. So you need to sign into the app every 7 days to claim the previously mined coins and then click mine again to start earning more PHTs.

Phoneum (PHT) is listed on Exchange: –

Phoneum (PHT) Token is already listed on the Probit Exchange, on February 18, one of its coins is priced at $ 0.0002824, which is 0.01997 in Indian Rupees. Right now, you must be looking at this price, but just as the price of 1 bitcoin was $ 0.08 in the year 2008, similarly its price is so low in today’s time. In the coming times, Phoneum (PHT) can make a good price in the Token market, so you should start collecting it from today. Right now, talking about the price of Phoneum (PHT) Coin, the price of one coin is $ 0.0002824, which is 0.01997 in Indian rupees. It is true that this application is very slow, that is, the value of the coin mined by this application is very low. But the price of a coin reaches $ 1 in the coming years, so you can understand how much profit you are going to make. Now make sure that you have to do Phoneum (PHT) Token mining or not? Below is the link, on which you can earn a 200 PHT coin bonus by clicking.

Google Play Store: –
Rating on Android: – 4.4 by 54,856

Website: –
Whitepaper: –

Why you need Phoneum (PHT) code-

If you planning to mining on Phoneum (PHT) for free to generate some PHT coins, so you need invitation from an existing trusted member of Phoneum (PHT), so if you have an invitation you can download the mobile app and start mining or you can use my invitation code to mine on Network, because to get better mining speed you should make sure that your circle is full of active people like I am. With the active circle you will get better mining rate as well as members in your circle will also get better mining rate because of your activity, so make sure to choose someone who is active (can click on an app at-least ones in 7 day).

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To know more about Cryptomining on Smartphone –>

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September 16, 2021
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