How to sort a tree table by rows (header on the left) with no <thead>

I want to sort a tree table not by columns but rows, its header is on the left in the tree part.
My tree table looks like this
the tree table plugin I used:

And the code is something like this

      <tr data-node-id="index">
      <tr data-node-id="patient">
        <th>Patient Characteristics</th>
      <tr data-node-id="name" data-node-pid="patient">
      <tr data-node-id="DOB" data-node-pid="patient">
      <tr data-node-id="age" data-node-pid="patient">

There is no <thead> part, so many sorting methods not work well on this table. I’m new to javascript sort of things, and have no idea if this is easy to do. But I did not find methods for this situation online, so I try to ask for help.

Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

October 24, 2021
Category : News
Tags: css | html | javascript | treetable

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