How to set up in React app combination of buttons in event OnKeydown

I need to set up combination of buttons in input form of my react app.

  1. "CTRL + "ArrowUp"
  2. "ArrowUp"

My code is something like this.


<input onKeyDown={keyHandler}/>


const keyhandler = (e) => {

if(e.key === "ArrowUp") {//do something}

if(e.key === 'ArrowUp' && e.getModifierState("Control")) {//do another thing}

The problem is when event fired with combination, first ‘if’ also true. How separate "ArrowUp" and "ArrowUp" with ctrl button?

I also try like this (but it didn’t help):

if(e.key === 'ArrowUp' && event.ctrlKey){ //do another thing}

Source: React – Stack Overflow

November 11, 2021
Category : News
Tags: if-statement | javascript | key | keydown | reactjs

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