How to MozFest, part 2

MozFest 2021[1] is a rolling, global, 2-week gathering of the internet health movement working towards … Read more How to MozFest, part 2

MozFest 2021[1] is a rolling, global, 2-week gathering of the internet health movement working towards Trustworthy AI. As such, it’s meant to allow you to drop in and out of different parts of the festival according to your availability and interest. The big idea is to rest, reflect on what you’ve learned, and continue the conversations and relationships you might begin in a session.

To start, review the schedule[2] and identify those sessions that are “must-attend” for you. Remember to register for them since space is limited.

A must-attend daily session is MozFest Studio[3], a 10-15 minute daily session for you to stay up-to-date on all things MozFest. Tune into MozFest Studio everyday at 5pm CET for special announcements, festival highlights from the previous day, what’s upcoming in the next 24 hours that you don’t want to miss, and to learn what’s been happening on social media and social moments throughout the festival.

To continue the conversations and relationships you begin in sessions, you should feel absolutely welcome and empowered to use our Commons Spaces, and the MozFest community Slack[4] to experience impromptu hangouts and discussions. These are great places to get together and:

  • Continue discussions after sessions.
  • Get to know new friends with similar interests and passions from across the community.
  • Dream up new collaborations, organizations, and projects to advance digital rights, internet health, and Trustworthy AI for your local and online communities.
  • Create a gathering point for folks who might want to get together for an improvised social jam or game via a shared link, like Plink[5]!

You can look for “rooms” in the Common Spaces and “channels” in Slack that match the MozFest Spaces and communities you want to engage with.

You might also review the shared documentation from a session you missed and contribute your own ideas to it or experience one of the on-demand exhibits or skillshares programmed for MozFest, as well. You can find the shared documentation for a session linked from its page in the schedule.

Also, if you’re creating new content to share your MozFest experience like a blogpost or online video, please share it with us on Slack or @mozillafestival[6] on Twitter, using #MozFest.


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