How to move an axios call into its own method using vuex and typescript

I have a method in vuex actions that calls the api and updates the user information. What I am trying to do is move the axios call into its own method and have not had any luck.

Here is my code

async updateProfile({ commit, dispatch }: any, user: User):Promise<User> {

    const response = await axios.request({
        method: "PUT",
        url: `/users/me/profile`,
        data: user
    //  dispatch('updateUserProfile', user);
    return user;
    // return response;
async updateUserProfile(user: any): Promise<User> {
    return await axios.request({
        method: "PUT",
        url: `users/me/profile`,
        data: user

The line commented out dispatch is trying to call the axios method and pass the user as a parameter. When I try that line instead of the axios.request I get a 400 error. When I change user: any to user: User I get an Types of property ‘actions’ are incompatible. error

Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

November 29, 2021
Category : News
Tags: async-await | axios | typescript | Vue.js | vuex

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