How to match all tags containing specific word with regex?

I’m trying to find all <divs> in an html containing the same word, it could be either in the class="" or in the id=""


<div id="chat_widget_th" class="bg-warning checkbox chat_open_ts">...</div>
<div class="bloom chat_inside_th dark_yellow>...</div>
<div id="opened_widget_chat" class="active show">...</div>
<div class="chat_child modal show fade">...</div>

These four <divs> are from different pages.

They all correspond to a chat popup that i need to exclude. All of them contain, in some way, the word "chat".

I need to find all the <divs> (or other tags) that contain the word "chat" and delete them.
For this I will use the function

var regexclass = /class="K[^"]*?chat[^"]*?(?=")/;
var regexid = /id="K[^"]*?chat[^"]*?(?=")/;

The above function works correctly when it comes to id="", because it finds everything that is enclosed in the quotes of the id attribute, which is unique.

When it comes to a class, on the other hand, the function does not work, because it returns, as I said, everything that is enclosed in quotation.


"bloom .chat_inside_th .dark_yellow"

while the function would need to at least eliminate the spaces between the different classe.


Is there any way to eliminate these spaces when searching for classes or, better yet, find exclusively the class that contains the word "chat" like "chat_inside_th"?

Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

November 30, 2021
Category : News
Tags: javascript | jquery | regex

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