how to get the last element of array and save in variable

I am trying to save the last element of an array which gets its values from a multiselect dropdown and looks like this for example with two elements:
[34, 33]

What I want to do know is to always get the last element inside it in this case the 33 and save it for further use in a variable. But for some reason it always gives me all elements like this:
[34, 33]
But I want to have just the 34 if it is the only element or the 33 if it is the last element

this is the part where I am trying to get the last element:

let personId = 0
    let personersonId2 = 0
    this.personArrayStaging = this.legitmiertePersonArray[length]
    for(personId = 0; personId < this.personArray.length - 1; personId ++){
        personId2 = this.personArray[personId ]

Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

November 22, 2021
Category : News
Tags: angular | javascript | typescript

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