How to choose your career in Web Applications Development.

Summary of the previous post. From this 👉 “Software Development Explained”post, we focused on Web … Read more How to choose your career in Web Applications Development.

Summary of the previous post.

From this 👉 “Software Development Explained”post, we focused on Web Application Development as a type of Software Development, after that we talked about the 2 different aspects or aspect of Web App. Development (Frontend and Backend).
We also talked about the term or generic name given to the Programmers involved in these different aspect.
Frontend Developer is a person/programmer that may not necessarily design the look of a website but, he/she converts the design formed or given to him/her into computer code.

Backend Developer is a person/programmer that communicates with a webserver with a programming language, he/she is very much responsible for the logics, security, payment processing, user’s data handling and validation, A.P.I creation, third party A.P.I integration, just to mention a few. The main domain of a Backend Developer is programming the Web Server to respond with the right response.

These days most people decides to know both the Frontend and Backend together which makes them a Full Stack Developer, which means they Handle both the Frontend and the Backend of an Web Application.

Choosing Between Frontend, Backend or Full Stack Development.

Choosing a career is something more internal than external but, let’s help ourselves in asking and answering some questions.

Do you have a flare of becoming a developer but, you are by nature aesthetic or concerned with looks and designs and a little bit logical ?

If you answered Yes to this question then, Frontend Development is best for you.

If your answer was No and you prefer logics than look, or you are more logical in nature than aesthetic. Backend Development is the best fit for you.

But, if you are blended, that is, if you are aesthetic and logical, congratulations 🥳 🎉, you are a Full Stack beginner.

But, if you are not really sure where you fit in, I would advice to start with the simpler part of Web development which is Frontend Development, then, as you put more efforts in becoming advanced in it you can switch to become a Backend developer which now makes you a FullStack Developer, it’s not really a must.


  1. You can solely become a Frontend or Backend developer.
  2. It’s not a must you become a Full Stack Developer but, it adds more value and opportunity of being hired.
  3. These whole post is also applicable to Mobile Application Development.
  4. It takes time to master a specific field in programming.
  5. It takes Passion to help you discover, uncover and learn alot in programming, don’t just come in for the money.

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