How can I css style a child react component?

In simple HTML structure I can achieve it as following. I’d like to know how can I do the same with React and Styled Component.


  <div className="slider">
    <section>Content A</section>
    <section>Content B</section>

And I can target the styling of the section like this.

.slider section {
  //some styling

How can I achieve the same in React with Styled Component. In this case, my slider div is a styled component and the section is a React component as following.

    <SectionComponent text="Content A />
    <SectionComponent text="Content B" />

This is what I tried, within the Slider CSS code block I tried styling the SectionComponent but doesn’t work.

Styled Component CSS

export const Slider = styled.div`
  //some css styling

  Slider SectionComponent {
    //styling of the SectionComponent

Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

November 25, 2021
Category : News
Tags: css | html | javascript | reactjs | styled-components

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