Home Technology Trends for 2015 and beyond

This Infographic is about the advancements in Home Technology that are becoming more prevalent. From … Read more Home Technology Trends for 2015 and beyond

This Infographic is about the advancements in Home Technology that are becoming more prevalent. From interactive cooktops, to hologram entertainment the home of the future is fast becoming a reality….

Home Technology Trends for 2015 and beyond

THE HOME OF THE FUTURE TODAY TOP TECHNOLOGY FOR 2015 As we move into the new year, home technology is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. The home of the future exists today and it is eco-friendly, energy efficient, and technologically enhanced to embrace the scientific knowledge of the 21st century. HOW PEOPLES’ PERCEPTION OF LUXURY IN THE HOME HAS CHANGED People want to have luxury Responsibility for IT IS MORE ABOUT IT IS MORE ABOUT experiences in their houses, whether it is a spa-centre in their bathroom or a home environment is EXPERIENCE embracing the world SUSTAINABILITY as never before. cinema system. People want their house to be IT IS MORE ABOUT UNIQUENESS People want one-of-a-kind objects that no one else has. IT IS MORE ABOUT INDIVIDUALITY built and decorated according to their needs and taste. THE KITCHEN Modern Kitchen Designs is where you will find most of the Eco-friendly design advances surfacing. WHIRLPOOL INTERACTIVE COOKTOP CABINETRY UPGRADES SIMPLEHUMAN SENSOR CAN Although the concept isn’t a reality just yet, Whirlpool is calling it the “kitchen of 2020,” which could integrate hands-free “Touch Activated” cabinetry – where access is gained simply by touching the doors – is becoming increasingly popular. With a handy sensor built in, a simple wave of your hand magically opens the can and completely eliminates the need for any foot pedals or latches. devices and touchscreens into Lighting is being adding inside cabinets for easier navigation the kitchen itself. It’s also fingerprint-proof, but you won’t be touching it anyway. Not only can you cook on it, you can also access recipes, your and better control of cabinet contents. social media accounts and email. Computing and cooking in one, and an amazing glimpse into what’s to come. Going green in the kitchen is prevalent with slide out trash and recycling bins being built in most homes today. THE LIVING ROOM Design standards are always on the rise with enhanced aesthetics appearing all aspects of Design. HOLOGAAMS COULD BE COMING TO YOUR LIVING ROOM TV ART – MIRROR TV The Holodeck from Star Trek has seemed like a pipe dream for decades, but Microsoft’s latest research RoomAlive project has come tantalisingly close. Using advanced beam splitter mirror technology, TV mirrors are clear and free from distortion while you are watching the television. Once the TV is turned off the glass instantly transforms into a flawless decorative mirror and The system uses a series of projectors and Microsoft Kinect camera sensors to map out a living room and the people in it, projecting an augmented reality onto every surface, tables, walls, seats and cushions included hides your TV. ENCT THE BATHROOM Bathroom styles have also been affected by new energy effective technology – along with many purposeful and necessary elements found in all rooms of the home, such as in the Lighting Design and basic overall construction from the ground up. WATER SAVING FEATURES & TECHNO-SAVVY HARDWARE HANDS FREE FAUCETS LIGHTING FIXTURES LED touchscreens are being seen in household mainstays such as the new “smart toilets” – where with a simple touch you can have Touchless faucet systems are becoming more affordable and increasingly desirable for everyday living in homes of all sizes. Lighting isn’t reserved just for under cabinets and overhead fixtures anymore – it is now being stylishly installed in hardware and fixtures such as; your Feet Warmed Towel bars Keeping the faucet a breeze to clean with less bacterial contamination is one prominent reason for indulging in a touchless system, although equally important is the ability to control the flow and amount of water being used. Music Played Tissue holders Seat Height Adjusted Toilet seats Lights to help you find your way. O Door Handles THE BEDROOM CHILIPAD COOLING/ HEATING MATTAESS PAD SOUND ASLEEP PILLOW HI-CAN BED If you want to listen to music in bed without keeping your partner awake, the Sound Asleep Pillow is the gadget of your dreams. Individual settings, one for each side of the pad, allow each person to heat up or cool down their side of the bed independently of the other. The bed features surround shades which allow for a dark, peaceful sleep, a high quality sound system, a built-in PC and an entertainment console, both of which are displayed on a high definition projector. As well as providing a soft place to rest your head, this pillow features a sunken speaker system that only you can hear. Having plugged your MP3 player, radio or TV into the 3.5mm stereo socket on the side of the pillow, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality sound while your other half slumbers. THE REST OF THE HOUSE EFE NEST ‘SMART SMOHE DETECTOR WIRELESS HOME CONTROL TABLET THE IPOD ERA It’s becoming an ever increasing popular option to install integrated docking stations throughout the home. Nest Protect is a wi-fi-enabled, intelligent alarm system that warns users of smoke with a spoken audio alert or text message, which users can dismiss simply by waving their hand at the device. A wireless home control tablet allows you to be on the other side of the world and ensure that the perfect temperature is set in your home. Wireless capabilities are found everywhere from your computer to your television to the LED panels that can control almost all aspects of your interior home components, and even the home itself. JTE HOME CONTROL The result? No more annoying false positives, without any compromise on fire protection. 22 C – 23 – The Experts’ Opinion for the Future of Interior Design “The democratization of design that has begun, thanks to advances in technology and distribution, will definitely continue. Interior design will broaden from a service available to a very few, into a way of living sought after by a much larger segment of the population”. Sarah Sarna Live The Lijf You Dream About “I see the interior design industry headed toward increasing connectivity. At every trade show I’ve attended for the past few years, I’ve seen more and more integration between our smart phones, tablets, and home products”. 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