Css changes are not being applied in rails app

I am working on rails app and now I am having trouble.

Early when I use to change my frontend styling and apply changes in css then they quickly show up on reload in brower.

But in present, don’t know but something went wrong. Whenever I change css and save it then onload, things remain same.
After debugging, I found that app is picking styling files from precompiled assets pipeline. So for the solution, I have to recompile the assets then 2 new files are generated against wach file changed. And there will be 4 files in total against a single css file in which changes are made. So now I have to delete old ones and then have to restart the serve and refreshing the browser will show all the changing and that is weird as I have to do it all the time for every single change.
I can’t figure as I am new to rails. Help….

Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

November 10, 2021
Category : News
Tags: asset-pipeline | assets | css | ruby-on-rails

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