Creative AI at MozFest: Creatively Collaborate With Machines

In our Space we want to make room for collaboration beyond frontiers – not only between humans, but with code too. Amazing and unexpected creations will emerge from our collective thinking, the empathy between participants, and the interactions with our own physical and digital spaces.

What should you expect?

Because creation takes time and we want you to make the most out of the festival, we will host sessions throughout the two weeks of programme with sufficient breaks for you to let your experiences sink in. Artworks will be exhibited from day one until the last day, and many will be radically different each day thanks to the collaborative nature of the pieces, allowing you to intervene and co-create. You will also have the chance to share your skills with other participants in our “Temporary Autonomous Zones” where collaboration, sharing, and conversation will emerge spontaneously.

Although we will collaborate with and question machine creativity, some of our artworks will also invite you to explore your offline surroundings. Those will be great opportunities to take a break from your screen, and we hope you will come back from your short stroll in your neighborhood with new perspectives to share. Some sessions may make you laugh, others may make you a little bit angry, but none of them will make you feel indifferent. Art, afterall, does shake us up a little.

Meet the Creative AI Space Wranglers

Source: Mozilla

February 7, 2021
Category : Marketing

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