5 tips for choosing an Ansible collection that's right for you

In August 2020, Ansible issued its first release since the developers split the core functionality from the vast majority of its modules and plugins. A few basic Ansible modules[1] remain part of core Ansible—modules for templating configuration files, managing services, and installing packages. All the other modules and plugins found their homes in dedicated Ansible […]

4 open source tools for running a Linux server

In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I’ll share 21 different reasons to use Linux. Here are four open source tools for turning any device into a Linux server.  Sometimes I detect a certain mystique around the idea of a server. Many people, should they have […]

Build a home thermostat with a Raspberry Pi

My wife and I moved into a new home in October 2020. As soon as it started getting cold, we realized some shortcomings of the home’s older heating system (including one heating zone that was always on). We had Nest thermostats in our previous home, and the current setup was not nearly as convenient. There […]

Learn Java with object orientation by building a classic Breakout game

As a second-semester student in systems and digital media at the Federal University of Ceará in Brazil, I was given the assignment to remake the classic Atari 2600 Breakout game[1] from 1978. I am still in my infancy in learning software development, and this was a challenging experience. It was also a gainful one because […]

Monitor your Raspberry Pi with Grafana Cloud

You may have heard of Grafana[1], a time-series dashboarding tool that helps you discover what’s going on in your environment. People from hobbyists to enterprise professionals like to use it for visualizations because it is open source and can accept data from myriad sources. This article describes how to use it to monitor your Raspberry […]

Utility to Parse and Validate Directory with Multiple Entries

Utility functions, parse and validate a given directory with multiple entries. npm install validate-access API parseDir Parse a given directory without validation // DEFAULT_DIR_FOLDERS = [“src”, “lib”, “dist”]; function parseDir( pureDir: string, targetedFolders: string[] | string = DEFAULT_DIR_FOLDERS, isEnforceSub: boolean = true ): { dir: string; subDir: string; filename: string; srcName: string; }; Example – […]

Building a realtime chat app with Next.js and Vercel

This post will walk through the creation of a realtime chat application with Next.js and deploying it to Vercel. You’ll learn how to: Create a brand new Next.js application Adding realtime functionality with Ably Create a Next.js Vercel Serverless API Use React Functional components and React Hooks with Ably Host your app on Vercel Check […]

Gyro-web: Accessing the device orientation in JavaScript

02 March, 2021 2 min to read Read this article on your mobile device to make the interactive examples work Accessing device orientation in pure JavaScript In Javascript you may access your device orientation data by listening to the deviceorientation[1] event. It is as easy as the following: window.addEventListener(‘deviceorientation’, handleOrientation); function handleOrientation(event) { const alpha […]

Tailwind JSX and class composition

After my initial look[1] at Tailwind CSS[2], I haven’t used it much. Like I’ve stated in my previous blog posts, my feelings around Tailwind were mixed. I appreciated the utility-first, constrained design but didn’t like how its classes “bloated” my HTML code or how tedious the configuration process was. With that said, I’ve taken another […]

Clone WhatsApp Conversation Screen With Flutter

Chat applications are the medium through which the world communicates nowadays. Every smartphone user is involved in the daily conversation using the chat applications available. Among the list of the widely used and popular chat applications. WhatsApp chat application is one of them. The application is pretty simple and easy to use with a modern […]

React.useRef() Guide

React.useRef() is a hook that solves 2 issues: holding mutable values that should persist between component renderings and reference DOM elements. In this post, you’ll learn in detail how useRef() and references work in React. Interesting demos included. Table of Contents 1. Mutable values The usage of useRef() hooks is pretty straigfoward: import { useRef […]

Vue with TSX – the perfect duo!?

From all the available JavaScript frameworks, I’d say that Vue and React are my favorites. React for its vast ecosystem, great TypeScript support, JSX, and Vue for its simplicity, performance, and some smaller life quality improvements, like auto-passing props, easy-to-use transitions system, directives, slots & more. So, how about getting the best of both worlds? […]

GraphQL on the client side with Apollo, React, and TypeScript

March 1, 2021 Recently, we’ve developed a GraphQL API in our NestJS series. NestJS under the hood uses Apollo Server. Although it is compatible with any GraphQL client, the Apollo platform also includes the Apollo Client. If you want to know more about GraphQL and how to develop a backend with it, check out API […]

Why Frontend Developers Need to be Webpack Experts

4 strong reasons to start learning Webpack in-depth today Modern web applications are not just about developing core functionalities. We also should pay attention to factors like application performance, development productivity, and efficiency to get the maximum out of our effort. But, are you aware that you can use Webpack to address some of these […]

Creating a capped leaderboard with Redis sorted set, secondary index, and Lua 🥇

Leaderboards are all around us. Gone are the days that we could found leaderboards only in arcades and games. Nowadays, every product has gamification baked-in. It can be a referral program leaderboard, users leaderboard by karma or reputation, and others. Seeing a leaderboard automatically drives us into action. We want to capture the first place […]

Edit video on Linux with this Python app

In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I’ll share 21 different reasons to use Linux. Here’s how I use Linux to edit videos. Back in 2018, I wrote an article about the state of Linux video editing[1], in which I chose an application called Openshot[2] as […]

Build your own technology on Linux

In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I’ll share 21 different reasons to use Linux. Linux empowers its users to build their own tools. There’s a persistent myth that tech companies must “protect” their customers from the many features of their technology. Sometimes, companies put restrictions […]

Introduction to Index Types in TypeScript

This post will look at Index Types in TypeScript. It will go over what they are and also touch on two type-operators related to them. These type operators are the index type query operator and indexed access operators.  This post is part of the Introduction to Advanced Types in TypeScript series. To better understand, it […]

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