I/O Entropy: This Is Your Mouse Speaking

On almost every computer system, external devices communicate relevant asynchronous events, such information being made available from the network card or the keyboard, using a hardware interrupt mechanism. Each device has an assigned hardware interrupt (IRQ) number and reports important developments by changing the voltage on a designated hardware line inside the computer, corresponding to […]

The Security of Random Number Generators

Programmers have invented many ways for computers to generate seemingly random numbers; the general name for these algorithms is pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs). PRNGs suffice for trivial applications, such as generating “random” events for computer games or meaningless subject lines for particularly obtrusive unsolicited bulk mailings. For instance, take the linear congruent (aka power residue) […]

Pi-Hole Massive Blacklist

A massive Blacklist for you Pi-Hole to help you stop beeing tracked on the internet.

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