Ask HN: Why is spam email still a thing?

If you’ve had an email account for a while you probably know what I’m talking about. Open your spam folder and undoubtably it’s filled with poorly written and worded emails still advertising “free sex”, “you’ve won”, “open for a gift card” or otherwise. These emails are so bad and there is almost no chance of […]

Unredacted Antitrust Complaint Shows Google’s Ad Biz Even Scummier Than Imagined

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Running Kafka on Kubernetes for local development with Storage class

In a recent post I showed a setup to run Kafka on Kubernetes locally using Persistent Volumes(PV) and Persistent Volume Claims(PVC), this post covers the setup using Kubernetes Storage Class(SC) and leveraging the default one provisioned automatically by Kind which is the Rancher local-path-provisioner. This setup is simpler and uses less code than the previous […]

Backend Engineering Skills Are Emphasized Too Heavily for Principal Engineers

There is a bias toward backend engineers at the principal engineer level. This leaves frontend engineers heavily disadvantaged when it comes to promotion time. When someone says they’re a fullstack engineer, what they usually mean is one of two things: 1) They’re a coding bootcamp grad that has minimal experience with Node.js and an emphasis […]

JavaScript Test Automation Complete Tutorial | Selenium WebDriver With JavaScript Tutorial | 2022

In this Selenium JavaScript Complete Tutorial, Ryan Howard (@ryantestsstuff) dives deep into how Selenium WebDriver with JavaScript can be used for automated testing of web applications. By the end of this video, you will learn to perform cross browser testing using Mocha with JavaScript at scale on cloud Selenium Grid like LambdaTest , thus enhancing […]

Netflix’s Prices Are Rising Faster Than Cable

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Avoid these mistakes when you are learning a new technology

Beginners often do these mistakes when getting started to learn a new technology which leads them to confusion, demotivation and ultimately giving up. So let’s see some of those mistakes and try to avoid them. Let’s get started Resource hunting I know you need a quality resource to learn new things. But, no matter how […]

An anatomy of Bitcoin price manipulation

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How to Set Up a High Conversion Email Marketing Campaign in 2022

This post is originally published on Designmodo: How to Set Up a High Conversion Email Marketing Campaign in 2022 In the new year with new marketing strategies on the horizon, it’s time to dive into ensuring your email marketing campaigns are ready to convert customers. More than half of consumers still want brands to contact […]

A fuel spill from the U.S. Navy poisons the water of thousands in HawaiʻI

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Apprendre le PHP : Manipulation des tableaux

Aujourd’hui, vous apprendrez la manipulation des tableaux en PHP. Ce cours accéléré PHP est gratuit et sera publié ici sur Je publierai un nouvel article tous les deux jours environ. Pour ne rien manquer, vous pouvez me suivre sur twitter : Follow @EricLeCodeur Tout d’abord, voici un scénario très courant dans le développement Web […]

Como eu consegui meu primeiro trabalho em TI para fora do Brasil

Antes de qualquer coisa, eu queria começar esse texto com um grande disclaimer deixando claro que a área de TI é sim, hoje, muito valorizada, atraente, com ótimos salários e oportunidades de trabalho remoto em qualquer lugar do mundo, porém você sendo um iniciante, o processo para conquistar o que almeja (na grandiosidade que visualiza […]

PHP crash course : Array manipulation

Today you will learn array création and manipulation in PHP. This PHP crash course is free and will be posted here on I’ll be releasing a new article/post every two days or so. To not miss anything, you can follow me on twitter: Follow @EricTheCoder_ First, here is a very common scenario in web […]

Automated Cross Browser Testing With Jasmine Framework & Selenium

In today’s fast-paced world of software development, we have new technologies and languages for development coming on very frequently. With this comes several testing and automation tools and frameworks in the related market. Choosing the right set of tools and frameworks becomes an absolute necessity because it impacts the accuracy and TTM (Time to Market). […]

JavaScript Hoisting

In this article, we are going to discuss about hoisting in JavaScript. Hoisting, is a process that happens during the creation of execution context, which will move the declarations of variables and functions up to the top of the context. Let’s start with an example: hello(); function hello(){ return “Hello World”; } If you are […]

Introduction to Data visualization

Every day, the people in your organization make decisions that affect your business. When they have the right information at the right time, they can make the choices that move your company in the right direction. Giving the decision-makers the opportunity to explore and interpret information in an interactive visual environment helps democratize data and […]

10 Visual Studio Code editing shortcuts

Visual Studio Code is a powerful tool that developers like us use on a daily basis for hours. It also is a favorite for a few of us as well. As we spend most of the time typing code, there are a few keyboard shortcuts that help in writing code faster. In this article, I […]

Graphviz: Open-source graph visualization software

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