Research: A Feminist Approach to Right to Privacy and Data Protection

New research by Mozilla Fellow Chenai Chair explores how, without sufficient safeguards in data protection in place, AI systems in South Africa can disproportionately harm women, girls, and non-gender conforming individuals. It also provides recommendations for gender-responsive policy approaches and increased civil society engagement. Across the world, AI systems are becoming more and more embedded […]

Welcome MozFest Ambassadors!

We’re thrilled to announce MozFest Ambassadors, a trial program aimed to share MozFest with new communities around the world, from different perspectives and in different voices.[1] The goal of the Ambassador program is to increase MozFest’s reach online, ultimately leading to fresh, new participation from communities around the world. By increasing the depth and breadth […]

Digital Surveillance in Mexico: New Tricks, Same Old Strategies

Alex Argüelles is a Mozilla Fellow based in Mexico City.[1] On December 1st, Citizen Lab released its newest report: “Running in Circles[2]”. In this document, revelations on some of the worldwide clients of the Cyberspionage firm Circles (affiliated to the infamous NSO Group) pointed out Mexico’s government as the owner of the highest number of […]

Weekly Mozilla News Beat, December 4, 2020

Vaccine Hack Malicious emails sent to tech companies and government agencies worldwide are the latest threat to groups assisting with the COVID vaccine rollout. An email attachment asking for a user’s password, if handed over, could give hackers everything they need to access other sensitive info now and in the future. Be careful where you […]

Americans unsure how political ads on streaming TV can target them, what disclosure rules apply

In September, Mozilla published research into political advertising on six major U.S. streaming platforms[1]. Our biggest takeaway? There is almost no transparency into what kinds of political ads are running and how they’re being targeted. It turns out political advertisers agree with our findings, but rather than seeing a problem, they see an opportunity. According […]

Investigating Misinformation Amid a Pandemic

A spotlight on Mozilla Fellow in Residence Oleg Zhilin Like everyone else, Oleg Zhilin had different plans for 2020. As a Mozilla Fellow and Masters of Computer Science student at Montreal’s McGill University, Zhilin planned to continue his research into misinformation, online platforms, and Canadian elections. After a salvo of misinformation upended the U.S. election […]

Spotlighting the Flaws of Facial Recognition Tech

Introducing Facework, a Mozilla Creative Media Award recipient created by Kyle McDonald[1] Computer vision and machine learning happen slowly. They happens behind the scenes. An image captured by a surveillance camera, uploaded to Facebook, or scraped by a web crawler: ingested by the machines of corporations and governments, analyzed out of sight. Although we are […]

Weekly Mozilla News Beat, November 27, 2020

Roku Streaming Sticks You’d think Roku’s profit model is to sell you streaming devices but, actually, it’s to track you. Take, for example, its use of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) to detect what you watch to inform advertisers. Or Roku’s CEO, who openly admits[1] Roku is more in the ad business than the hardware business […]

Fellow Research: Toward Privacy-Friendly Digital Ads

A new report by Mozilla Fellow Karolina Iwańska shows that it’s possible to reform the ad tech industry without bankrupting online publishers[1] A new report[2] published by EDRi member Panoptykon Foundation and authored by Mozilla Fellow Karolina Iwańska shows that privacy-friendly alternatives to behavioural advertising could be a sustainable funding model for online publishers. But in […]

Weekly Mozilla News Beat, November 20, 2020

Hug It Out Our favorite video this week: a trip of goats impatiently waiting their turn to be hugged. With the year we’ve had, put us in that queue — we could use one too. Via Twitter @freak1ngawesome A Purrfect App “Feed me!” “Let me outside!” “Feed me again!” — All things your cat has […]

Police in Mississippi To Pilot a Program to Live-Stream Amazon Ring Cameras

This post is by EFF’s Policy Analyst Matthew Guariglia and was originally posted on the EFF blog. It has been updated to include some additional information from Mozilla. This is not a drill. Red alert: The police surveillance center in Jackson, Mississippi, will be conducting a 45-day pilot program to live stream the security cameras, […]

Platforms and the Election: An Autopsy (A November 19 Virtual Panel)

The latest installment of the MozFest Dialogues & Debates series will explore how internet platforms coped — and are coping — with U.S. election disinformation. Ahead of the November 3 presidential election, the internet’s biggest platforms prepared themselves for a whirlwind disinformation. Misleading headlines, outright lies, false claims of victory, and fake content had the […]

Misinfo Monday: It’s Been Real (A Little Too Real)

— Misinfo Monday is a weekly series by Mozilla where we give you the tools, tips and tricks needed to cut the crap and find the truth. For more, check back weekly on our blog or on our Instagram. — As the U.S. election comes to a close, so too will Misinfo Monday. We’ll be […]

What I’ve learned from the Internet Health Report (and it’s not even ready yet)

Working behind the scenes on the report has meant spending the last few weeks searching and collecting names, reading profiles, writing emails and talking to people based in many different parts of the world. All of these people have projects, ideas, struggles and very strong feelings about what the internet is and can be. I […]

Now’s the time: submit a proposal for Mozfest 2021!

MozFest represents our shared hope for a human-centered internet. Credit: Photo by Connor Ballard-Pateman. The window is closing: our MozFest 2021 call-for-proposals (CFP) closes on 23 November 2020. However, there’s still plenty of time to submit your best ideas for virtual, community-led sessions at Mozfest 2021. We’re excited for your submissions! We can’t wait to […]

Weekly Mozilla News Beat, November 13, 2020

Downward Dog It’s a sad yet wondrous day when a dog can do better yoga than we can. With its yoga mat out and legs kicking high, this tiny furball is ready for some relaxing stretches. Via Reddit DOTUS When Americans voted for Joe Biden to be the 46th President of the United States, they […]

Is Your Holiday Gift Spying on You? Find Out.

Mozilla’s fourth-annual *Privacy Not Included buyers guide examines which connected products are the most trustworthy — and which are the creepiest. Our researchers pored over wearables, smart speakers, connected toys, gaming consoles, and other products to help consumers make informed choices Can the smart speaker you bought mom for Christmas eavesdrop on her? Is your […]

Why Bring Your Work To MozFest

Why should you bring your work to MozFest, a virtual event happening in March 2021, when the world is saturated with thousands of other online meetings and conferences? It’s a valid and important question. At Mozilla, we’re asking ourselves the same question. MozFest has always been a unique event: part art, tech and society convening, […]

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