Is WiFi or Bluetooth leaving you vulnerable? What are the privacy pros and cons of each?

Is WiFi more secure than Bluetooth? Or vice versa? So which is safer? Should you prioritize devices with WiFi and skip over ones with Bluetooth? Or vice versa? Let’s use smart locks as an example. The August Smart Lock is WiFi-enabled while the Eufy Smart Lock is Bluetooth-enabled. WiFi allows August’s lock to connect to […]

Creating #TrustworthyAI: A January 5th Twitter Chat

Join us for a discussion about the challenges and opportunities of the AI era, and the concepts introduced in Mozilla’s new whitepaper: Creating Trustworthy AI[1] If we want a healthier internet and digital society, we need to ensure that our technologies are trustworthy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has immense potential to improve our quality of life, […]

Why We Want Families at MozFest

As my six year old climbed over my shoulders, my colleagues erupted into smiles and laughter. A game of tag had begun during our weekly MozFest team meeting and my son decided the best route towards escape was directly behind my location on the couch. I was muted, so a couple of people managed to […]

MozFest Local: A Peek Into Amsterdam Part 1

A global pandemic swept the globe shortly after. Our excitement gave way to uncertainty as we planned multiple scenarios of event production: Would we still be able to hold an in-person event? Could we pull off a part-in-person/part-virtual event? Should we move entirely online? After sitting in uncertainty for several months, it became obvious that […]

Fellow Research: Scrutinizing Automated Decision Making Systems in India

A slate of new research and tools by Mozilla Fellow Divij Joshi, titled “AI Observatory,” examines the harms of automated decision making by the Indian government. The project also provides tools and ideas for pushing back[1] Across the globe, government usage of automated decision making systems (ADMS) is becoming more prevalent — and more powerful. […]

Fellowship Update: Connecting Universities in Etiki State

In my blog post, during the commencement of my fellowship, I said we are building the road (network) for various cars (services) to ride on it and that is what we have achieved. However, apart from the service sharing among the participating institutions there are some services that we are deploying on the REN server […]

Weekly Mozilla News Beat, December 18, 2020

Timint Gebru’s Final Days At Google By now many have heard of Dr. Timint Gebru, the AI ethics scholar who was fired from Google after a contentious research paper and an email criticizing the company’s lack of diversity. An article from MIT Tech Review offers a look into her time at Google, her last days […]

Volunteer at MozFest 2021

We’re also asking ourselves how we provide value back to our Volunteers through continued traditions (like the Volunteer t-shirt) and new opportunities (like networking events with festival partners). We want to know what would make Volunteering valuable to you. If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions for us, please reach out on the #volunteer […]

Designing Trustworthy AI Systems with Cultural Considerations in Mind

Amelia’s impact: Amelia created Wampum.Codes[1], which is a framework for amplifying indigenous and native voices and values in the technology sector. Wampum.Codes includes a podcast, on which she interviews native and indigenous people who make cool things with new technologies. It also includes a project to develop a model of ethical software dependencies that offers […]

Informing policy landscapes to support trustworthy AI

Consumer demand and market incentives alone will not produce technology that fully respects the needs of individuals and society. To improve the trustworthy AI[1] landscape, we will also need policymakers to adopt a clear, socially and technically grounded vision for regulating artificial intelligence. Many governments are already working toward building more effective regulatory approaches, including […]

Building a Virtual MozFest

We have decided on five formats for MozFest sessions: Art, Films and Podcasts In previous years, artists in the MozFest and Internet Health community have used MozFest as a space to gain new audiences their work, bringing fresh perspectives. We plan to continue this for 2021 by including art exhibits, film & video, or podcasts, […]

Platform Accountability and Elections: Lessons Learned

For several years, Mozilla has been increasingly concerned by digital threats to democracy, particularly the ever-growing threat of mis-and disinformation. In 2020, the hotly-contested US elections presented a unique chance to shed light on the role of misinformation and the actions major platforms are taking to combat it. This work now offers a set of […]

Beyond the Now- Interdependence

We managed to catch up with Be ahead of the release of her Beyond the Now contribution, live now on Beyond the Now website[1]. We asked Be to reflect on the questions we asked of her work as part of her submission and about her creative process. The theme of this season is interdependence. What […]

Mozilla’s Vision for Trustworthy AI

This ‘paper’ isn’t a traditional piece of research. It’s more like an action plan, laying out steps that Mozilla and other like-minded people could take to make trustworthy AI a reality. It is possible to make this kind of shift, just as we have been able to make the shift to clean water and safer […]

*Privacy Not Included: A December 17 Virtual Panel

The latest installment of the MozFest Dialogues & Debates series will explore the state of privacy and security in consumer tech gadgets Can the smart speaker you bought mom for Christmas eavesdrop on her? Is your connected coffee maker vulnerable to hackers? And who is your daughter’s gaming console sharing her data with? These days, […]

Weekly Mozilla News Beat, December 11, 2020

The Paper In addition to Dr. Gebru’s now infamous email, the researcher also drew ire for refusing her manager’s request to remove her name from a research paper on AI and ethics. What was so contentious about the paper? According to WIRED, not much. Here’s WIRED’s take: the paper’s findings are uncontroversial, and, considering the […]

Surveillance Actually

This holiday season, Amazon Ring is offering numerous sales and discounts to entice people to buy into its home and neighborhood surveillance system. Most consumers don’t realize the risks that come with their new Ring doorbell or other device – so we created a holiday-inspired video to help people see that surveillance actually… is all […]

MozFest, Democracy, and Making Change

I’ve always been obsessed with democracy. How it works, how it doesn’t. How it’s built and improved and protected. And who gets to participate in it. The obsession was a gift from my father, who dedicated his career to shaping democratic institutions and protecting free and fair elections worldwide. He died of cancer this past […]

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