Mozilla Explains: What Is AI?

What is AI? When you hear artificial intelligence (or AI) you probably assume it’s something difficult to understand and above your comprehension level. But, ultimately, AI is software that’s able to recognize patterns. Apps, and other tech products powered by AI, are able to make educated guesses about things it has never encountered using the […]

Mozilla Fellowship & Awards News: February – March 2021

Looking to learn more about or engage with Mozilla Fellows and Awardees around the world? Keep your eye on the Mozilla Foundation blog to stay up-to-date with regular updates about these leaders and their work by reviewing the current and upcoming news and announcements below. You can also see a directory of all Mozilla Fellows […]

Mozilla News Beat, March 26, 2021

Welcome to the Mozilla News Beat, a glance at the internet news of the week in order of best-to-worst. Enjoy! Fish For All Amazing how a boat excursion can turn into an absolute zoo. Watch as this guy offers up fish to the creatures of the sea, and then things, promptly, get out of hand. […]

How To MozFest: A Digital Book For The Community

MozFest 2019 | MozFest Book Release How To MozFest: An Open Book For the Internet Health Movement is now available online! Read the book At MozFest 2019, we released a hardback version of How To MozFest: An Open Book for the Internet Health Movement. This book was a celebration of the first 10 years of […]

Wrapping Up the MozFest Youth Zone 2021 Hackathon!

We’re wrapping up our first ever MozFest Youth Zone Hackathon! Over the last 10 days, participants have had an opportunity to learn a new skill, design a concept, and put those skills to the test. You can read about our hackathon themes, Social Good and Improving the Environment here. Spot Prizes ($50 Lego Gift Cards) […]

How can we tell the story of MozFest Week 2

How can we tell the story of MozFest Week 2? Every participant’s journey through this amazing collection of discussions, workshops, art experiences, conversations,, and “ ah-ha” moments will be particular and unique. There are as many— and far more—MozFest stories than there are faces in our 2021 group photo! MozFest 2021 Group Photo But let’s […]

Mozilla News Byte, March 19, 2021

Mozilla News Byte MozFest 2021 Edition Welcome to the News Byte, an in-depth look at one of the most important stories about the internet this week. This week: MozFest! MozFest 2021 (#StopAsianHate — Want to educate yourself? Start here.) Another year, another MozFest! For the uninitiated, every year we here at Mozilla put on Mozilla […]

Five years after its employees first raised alarms, Facebook finally faces reality that Group Recommendations can be highly dangerous

Last fall, a coalition led by Mozilla, Accountable Tech, and thousands of internet users called on Facebook to stop the amplification of election disinformation by pausing Group Recommendations in the U.S. through Inauguration Day 2021. Yesterday, the company announced it is removing civic and political groups, as well as newly created groups, from recommendations worldwide. […]

Building Better Online Public Spaces with VERO

Part of what makes MozFest amazing is that you always leave with new ideas and views of the world. Even before the festival kicked off, our sponsor VERO has made me rethink my views of social media just months after removing myself from multiple platforms. Through video calls and numerous email exchanges, I’ve started to […]

Instead of fending for ourselves online, what if we had a digital ally that protected our data and promoted our best interests?

From doctors to lawyers to librarians, the longstanding concept of fiduciaries obligates professionals to act in their customers’ best interests. Mozilla Fellow Richard Whitt says it’s time for Web companies to do the same, and his new startup Deeper Edge plans to provide a host of fiduciary-based services across the digital spectrum. Since the Middle […]

Celebrating Week 1 at MozFest 2021

Opening Circle Group Photo from MozFest 2021 Who knew that over 6,000 people could create the “togetherness” MozFest vibe through Zoom, Spatial Chat, Slack, Twitter, and LinkedIn? In the first week, we’ve created zines, built robots, explored deep fake technology in an incredibly immersive group storytelling experience, watched live panels together in Spatial Chat, and […]

Responsible Innovation with Google Open Source

If you’re wondering why Google Open Source was excited to become a MozFest sponsor this year, check out this online interview with María Cruz (Program Manager, Community Engagement). In the true open spirit of MozFest, we fittingly hacked out this interview over a shared Google doc. I was thrilled to hear how much the Google […]

Internet Advocates Call on ISPs to Commit to Basic User Privacy Protections

As people have learned more about how companies like Google and Facebook track them online they are increasingly taking steps to protect themselves, but there is one relatively unknown way that companies and bad actors can collect troves of data. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are your gateway to the internet. […]

Exploring The State Of The Web With Coil

Grant for the Web at MozFest 2019 I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Coil CEO and Founder Stefan Thomas to hear his thoughts on the state of the web and MozFest. What I found most inspiring was Stefan’s ambition for changing the way the web is monetized to give open source and […]

Mozilla News Beat, February 26, 2021

Look Me In The Eyes Alexa may be listening to me everywhere, but at least it can’t see me wherever I go, right? Wrong! Reviews of Amazon’s new product, the Echo Show 10, are starting to hit the web and reviewers have mixed feelings about the standout feature: a screen (plus camera) that tracks you […]

How to MozFest, part 2

MozFest 2021[1] is a rolling, global, 2-week gathering of the internet health movement working towards Trustworthy AI. As such, it’s meant to allow you to drop in and out of different parts of the festival according to your availability and interest. The big idea is to rest, reflect on what you’ve learned, and continue the […]

Explore the MozFest 2021 Schedule

MozFest is just a few weeks away and we’re getting more and more excited about the festival each week. We are hosting over virtual and interactive 450 sessions that will take place across 13 spaces, plus skillshares, family activities, podcasts, and arts and media resources are available for you to experience according to your own […]

How to MozFest, part 1

There are 3 main ways to experience MozFest this year. Don’t worry if you’ve never used them before. They are easy to use and don’t require you to sign up for an account, and staff and volunteers will be there to help you if you run into issues. We’re using Zoom to host live discussion […]

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