Button gets hidden by an input field when the input field is focused

So I have this code that enables me to show a button whenever some text is written in the textbox next to it. For that purpose, I use bootstrap and the input-group-append class. I had some problems before with it and I’ve managed to solve some of them but now I stumbled upon new undesired behavior. Namely, the text field should show a button next to it if something was written in this same text field. However, if I write something, the button won’t pop up. If I defocus my text field, the button shows up. Focusing again i.e clicking on it, the button hides once again and it acts like this. This is the code that I use:

<div className="input-group" style={{ position: "relative" }}>
   placeholder="Recipient's username"
   aria-label="Recipient's username"
{showAppend === true && (
style={{ position: "absolute", right: 0, zIndex: 2 }}
<span className="input-group-text" id="basic-addon2">

This is a working code from CodeSandbox. You can try it out, type something, defocus -> the button is voila. Click on the input field again, the button disappears. Defocus again, voila again. The onChange function changes the value of showAppend.

So, how can I show this button on top of the input field? I tried adding z-index but it didn’t work.

Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

November 22, 2021
Category : News
Tags: bootstrap-4 | button | css | react-bootstrap | reactjs

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