AWS Cognito: Session: null and refreshToken null after google auth successful authentication

I am an AWS newbie. I am stuck with a problem currently.
After successful authentication using the Google OAuth I see the Session as null and refresh token null.

The response

Response screenshot

If I change the responseType to 'code' from 'token' I get invalid client error.

Snippet from aws-exports file.

oauth: {
    domain: 'xxxxx',
    scope: ['email', 'profile', 'openid'],
    redirectSignIn: process.env.REACT_APP_DOMAIN,
    redirectSignOut: process.env.REACT_APP_DOMAIN,
    responseType: 'code'

Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

September 28, 2021
Category : News
Tags: amazon-cognito | amazon-web-services | aws-lambda | javascript | oauth-2.0

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